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Modern Medicine has turned into something with very little healing. Our hospitals are only concerned with getting you in, giving you an ID number, patching you up, kicking you out the door, and then forget about you in the next five-seven minutes. That’s Wrong! At Priority One Health, we want to bring back the traditional relationship that patients used to have with their Providers. We believe that to practice “Good Medicine,” Providers must help the patient manage their choices in life in order to maximize their everyday experience. We cut out all the middlemen (Insurances) and work directly with you. No insurance company will dictate to us how to provide the care you need. By rejecting the current insurance model of health, we can offer deep discounts on labs test, medications, procedures, and more! We take an interest in Your Life and Lifestyle.


Meet your Provider:

Vanessa M. Rawlings DNP-S, MSN, RN, ARNP, FNP-C

Vanessa comes from a family of proud Physicians and Nurses not only in the United States but internationally. She began her medical career as early as 19 years old as an EMT serving one of the country’s largest counties, Miami-Dade, FL. This quickly ignited a passion in her: “helping people through the worst day of their lives.” She knew what she wanted to do in life was to help people through these circumstances. Driven to do more to help her patients, she pursued her Nursing License and completed her Bachelor’s in Nursing at Florida Atlantic University… see more in About…

Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has been affecting us since early 2020. Our way of life as changed dramatically for ourselves and our families and these changes require extraordinary efforts to give you the care you deserve. Vashon-Maury Island is a community that has given selflessly time and time again who deserve high- quality care right here at home. 

Take some time to look at these images. Most were archived by myself and other Nurses and Providers who journeyed to New York City to help the cause. Thank you Vashon-Maury for trusting in me to deliver your good intentions, notes, supplies and prayers to all of the Frontline Healthcare Workers. 


Evidence-based and personalized preventative medicine, screening, chronic disease management, acute care, and more.

Simple pricing with monthly fees, labs, and medications for over 70% cost reduction. 

Care for children age five through adolescence. Priority One Health knows your kids are your priority so we make them ours, too.

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What Are They Saying


Vanessa takes the time to listen to me. I've waited hours in a waiting room only to be seen for 5 minutes. I was shocked! Thank you for taking the time to explain things and look it up on the computer with me!

-Jamie T.


I love how she gets down to the point fast. She doesn't waste your time and allows you to decide for yourself. I've never had that before. WOW!!

Robert S.


I love that she will switch into Spanish on the fly! It makes my family comfortable and I can bring my parents in to see her also. She explains it clearly and will inform me of costs upfront, I don't dread medical bills anymore!

Carolina C.