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I am a Family Nurse Practitioner, with over 10 years of medical experience at the bedside in critical areas such as the Emergency Room/ICU in both Adults & Pediatrics and Pre- & Post-Operative Surgical Care Units. I was the Lead Nurse or “Charge Nurse” in those areas as well. I’ve traveled nationally and internationally as a Registered Nurse in places such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador.  My travels took me throughout the States, gaining a much-needed perspective of the current Healthcare System compared to other countries.  I learned medicine in areas that had limited supplies and resources challenging me to conserve and plan.

I incorporate a patient “Accountability” in my practice and approach your health like a team member rather than a top-down system, that we are used to today.

I embrace Natural Herbal medicines in my practice as well as modern traditional medicine. I follow the DPC or “Direct Patient Care” model of practice which allows me to give you the time necessary to listen to your needs and properly counsel you to better health. 

Vanessa M. Rawlings DNP-S, MSN, RN, ARNP, FNP-C  Owner of Priority One Health and Naturally & Co. 

Awards and Recognitions

Throughout my career, I have been generously recognized for my efforts, some highlights include: Outstanding Instructor/Preceptor Award of 2018 by Baptist Hospital South Florida. The Daisy Award for Excellence in Nursing 2017, and Certificate of Appreciation for serving in New York City’s Covid-19 Pandemic 2020. Seeing the impact of the pandemic firsthand is what drove me to start this practice. 

I received an enormous amount support from the local Vashon-Maury Island community in order to bring help to those most in need. It is time to give back. My goal is to provide a higher quality of Healthcare and medical advocacy for my patients, to provide a satisfying relationship with my patients and practice medicine the way it should be, with the patient’s best interest as the…

Priority One, ALWAYS.”

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