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Monthly Direct Primary Care-Coming Soon...

As member you have access to medical advice, personalized medical attention, commitment to getting you the specialists you need through referrals and as well as other services your typical medical physicians just don’t have the time to do work with your primary physician like a partner and not a stranger anymore.

See below for a short list of our services:

  • Virtual care (text, email)
  • Preventative visits
  • Chronic care management (diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, etc)
  • Urgent/sick care
  • Weight management
  • Pre-operative clearance
  • Well child checks
  • School sports physicals
  • Acute visits
  • And more…


You may consider trying us and when you meet our team–you may consider joining our monthly subscription plan.

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Pending Membership may see this

Initial Assessment/Annual Assessment House Call

Telehealth consult scheduled are included for all membership holders

Discounted 25% on house calls after Initial/Annual

All members subject to a one time $100 on-boarding fee with a 3 month commitment 
*All other services not included in the membership are subject to concierge pricing*

This is Direct Primary Care exclusively for our ongoing patients. We believe our Direct Primary Care with the option of visits and treatment at your home, reduces your total out-of-pocket medical spending AND provides better care.

Ongoing Consults

 In addition to your annual exam, we will treat all your unexpected primary care needs in the most efficient manner using methods with the lowest cost to you. Our team is available to answer your questions and manage your primary care as often as you need us – for one low monthly price. We will also guide you through an Emergency and Consult on your behalf.

These prices are similar or even less compared to many Urgent Care Centers or Emergency Room copays. Trust me, I have worked in a few… We are FAR less once all the extra ER/Provider Fee charges hit your deductible. I challenge you to calculate the total annual cost of your insurance policy and compare it to our prices and the cost of other local providers who work in the area. 

After Business Hours Or Weekends

House Call $400/ If Emergent Call (*Non-life threatening)

If you’re not sure Just Call! I can screen it quickly over the phone at no charge, it might save you an Expensive Ambulance ride!

New patients pay their fee via credit card when the appointment time is scheduled online or at time of service rendered. (Credit Card, Cash or Check.)


Are you ready to try medicine differently? How about we start by getting to know you? You know, the visit is about right? Let’s end the 5 minute visits, NOW.





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