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Pay By The Visit

Tele-Medicine Consultation or a House Call.

If you chose to Consultation Visit/ Tele-Medicine, involves a Provider connecting with you via telephone or, preferably, video conferencing (Zoom for example). During the visit, the Provider will listen to “simple” (minor issues, eg. sore throat)  complaints or issues and provide either counseling, a referral to a specialist, or a prescription to your local pharmacy. Video conferencing enables the Provider to conduct a more thorough consultation resulting in more issues being addressed during the call.

Starts at ($67/hr) for the first hour. Any additional time is billed at the Provider rate of $110/hr.

House Calls involve a Provider driving to your house to evaluate, assess, and treat you in person. Providers will assess your home and recommend safety precautions. They draw labs on the spot or hang a bag of IV fluids. These visits typically last an 1.5 hrs or more. Pricing depends on Provider Length of Stay, Complexity of the Case, Supplies at Cost.

Initial visit base is $180 price, after 1st hour Provider Rate $110/initiated

*Limited Hours–During Covid-19 Pandemic
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Pricing List - Services

House Call-(after 1st hour see Provider rate) $180
Annual assessment (Subject to House Call Fee) $80
Back to School/Work Physical (Subject To House Call Fee) DOT's need a phone call $90 (forms are included unless over 5 pages, each page post is subject to 5$)
Telemedicine Clinic Visit(30-45min) $67
Trigger Point Injection $40 per Joint/Area (Add on to House Call )
Ear Wax Removal / Impaction Removable Add on $50
Wound Care (Diabetics, Post- Surgical Dress changes) $60 + Provider Rate
Sutures/Stitches (Subject to House Call Fee/ Includes an Rx for Tetanus if needed) Start at $160- To be determined at visit
IV therapy (x Liter Of Nacl or LR) $200 Provider Rate Included*
IV therapy (x Liter Of Nacl or LR with antiemetic intravenously) $250 Provider Rate Included*
Toe Nail Avulsion (Provider rate ONLY and procedure) $80 + Provider Rate

After Business Hours Or Weekends

Emergent House Calls $400/ If it’s Life-Threatening Call 911 ASAP


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